Trincee nascoste

Trincee nascoste Trincee nascoste
sul Carso Triestino, Goriziano e Sloveno

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Hidden Trenches
on Trieste's Gorizia's and Slovenia's Karst

Authors : Roberto Todero Franco Bottazzi Gianni Cabrera Paolo Pollanzi Bruno Scarcia
Series : Andar de Bora (edited by Alessandro Ambrosi)
ISBN 978-88-88281-10-0
Pages :176 Price : 18.50 euro
Published : May 2008
Section : Karst / Guides

The book
Following the success of "Andar per Trincee” (first volume of the series "Andar de Bora" edited by Alessandro Ambrosi) published in 2004 - ninety years since the outbreak of the First World War - Transalpina Editrice is now publishing a new book that comes exactly nintety years since the end of the First World War. "Trincee Nascoste" intends to keep alive the memory of men whose stories were lived on the Karst and still lie there under a thin layer of stones and tufts.
"Trincee Nascoste" is an unconventional book that invites memories of thousands of "poor fellows" of different nationalities who sacrificed their lives in that terrible tragedy and is at the same time an excursion guidebook to safely visit trenches that time and nature have hidden under vegetation - once the theatre of battle and bloodshed and now silent paths that a visitor can quietly rediscover on the splendid Karst plateau.
"Trincee Nascoste" is an easy-to-consult colour-pictures guidebook, complete with accurate bibliography and useful facts and information. Seven routes complete with colour maps are described by five experts of Karst battles. Their descriptions of historical events and practical excursion details will guide you to rediscover the old First World War trenches on the Karst around Trieste, Gorizia and Slovene villages.

The authors
Roberto Todero is an alpinism instructor, expert of military uniforms, collector and restorer of First World War relics, researcher and historian. Roberto Todero is the author of books on the Austro-Hungarian army: "Fortezza Hermada", "Kappenabzeichen", "Dalla Galizia all'Isonzo" and coauthor of "Tre Giorni sugli Altipiani". He contributes to Dolomitenfreunde Association and Società Storica per la Guerra Bianca. He is also the founder of Associazione Culturale "F.Zenobi" , curator of its Museum Collection by the same name, organizer of numerous exhibitions in Italy and other countries. Roberto Todero is also a Qualified Guide for the First World War involved in the "Sentieri di Pace" Project.

Franco Bottazzi is a member of Associazione Culturale "F.Zenobi", First World War expert, history researcher, bibliophile and historic routes expert. He has specialized in diaries and memoirs of Italian soldiers at the First World War front that he uses as a base to elaborate dedicated historic routes. Franco Bottazzi is also a Qualified Guide for the First World War involved in the "Sentieri di Pace" Project.

Gianni Cabrera is a Karst expert and speleologist, First World War expert and cofounder of Associazione Culturale "F.Zenobi". His detailed knowledge of the Karst region has inspired him to create new unconventional routes in addition to those traditionally known to researchers. Gianni Cabrera is also a Qualified Guide for the First World War involved in the "Sentieri di Pace" Project.

Paolo Pollanzi is cofounder and president of Associazione Culturale "F.Zenobi". A professional interpreter, he is also a First World War expert and a reputed narrator of stories and events concerning the Austro-Hungarian multiethnic empire and its army. Paolo Pollanzi is also a Qualified Guide for the First World War involved in the "Sentieri di Pace" Project.

Bruno Scarcia has combined his love for outdoor living with a passion for historic research. Bruno Scarcia joined and soon became a pillar of Associazione Culturale "F.Zenobi" and has created its website He has developed a rich experience of military songs sung by Italian-speaking soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian army and has been actively involved in the creation, adaptation and direction of shows including "Mio Amato e Carissimo Pino" , "14 - 18" (a story in six scenes about the First World War), "Luci e Ombre sul Carso". Bruno Scarcia is also a Qualified Guide dor the First World War involved in the "Sentieri di Pace" Project.

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