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Tecnica di discesa fuori dalle piste battute

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Off track skiing technique

Author: Alessandro Fattori
Pictures: Sergio Gherdol
ISBN 88-88281-06-1
Pages and price: 88 pages - 11,00 €
Issue: February 2005
Section: Sport - technical handbooks

The book
The handbook presents tricks and devices to off-piste skiing on every kind of snow. The new approach to alpine skiing is based not on the repetition of pre-fixed exercises, but on the discovery of the fundamental and natural movements of the skiing technique.
In order to give a better idea of the technique, the description of each movement has been supported by a large number of computerized images.
This handbook is not for the restricted number of alpine skiers only, but is addressed to those who feel like testing the off-piste as the truest essence of skiing in its most appropriate and natural environment.

The author
Alessandro Fattori was born in Duino (Trieste) in 1958; always a great lover of the mountainside, he took up skiing in his childhood. His alpine skiing is mainly practised in Eastern Alps, but he also tested his skill, ski-climbing many peaks over 4000m. in Western Alps, both in Switzerland and France.
He also took part in many important alpine expeditions, like the Chimborazo (6300 m.) and Cotopaxi (5900m.) in Ecuador and the Pik Razdelnaja (6200m.) in the Lenin Peak Group in Kirghizistan.
He is also a nature guide and an alpine skiing instructor of Club Alpino Italiano. Since 1996 he is a member of the board of the Alpine Skiing School of Trieste.

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