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Che profumo el rosmarin Che profumo el rosmarin
Le erbe del Carso nella tradizione popolare

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Original title: Beri, beri rožmarin zeleni - Kraška zelišca v ljudski tradiciji

Title: Che profumo el rosmarin
Author: Vesna Guštin Grilanc
Italian edition by: Alessandro Ambrosi
Translation: Majda Guštin Colja
Photographs: Igor Grilanc, et al.
ISBN 88-88281-02-9
Pages and price: pp. 120 - 21,50 €
Issue: December 2005
Series: Carso / traditions

The book
Herbs, wild plants and medicinal herbs, wild greens, trees and bushes… flowers, leaves, berries, seeds, fruits, branches, barks, woods, roots… of the Carso.
Gifts of nature and vital sources of nourishment and wellbeing that in past times were used daily to cure people and animals, to flavour the food, playing also a role in children's games, in feasts and festivities as well in supertstitions…
An all-colour journey through more than 120 plants to discover them again in popular and local uses, in veterinary use and in cooking, with many of the recipes offered by the best Carso restaurants today.

The author
Vesna Guštin Grilanc was born and has always lived in Repen, on the Triestinian Carso. She is a certified pianist and teaches music at the Slovenian Conservatory in Trieste. Passionate researcher in folk customs of the Carso, she is the president of the cultural group 'Kraški Dom' in Repen and conductor of ist male choir. She has written books in Slovenian and Italian on cooking, traditions and folk customs of the Slovenians of the Carso. Some of the best known are: Xe più giorni che luganighe. Cibi, tradizioni, costumi del Carso e del circondario triestino and Le pietre del fuoco. La vita attorno al focolare sul Carso e nel circondario triestino.
She is one of the promoters of the "Nozze Carsiche", biennial re-enactment of the old local wedding celebration, and cultural consultant of public bodies and private institutions when it comes to organize cultural events, traditional shows and gourmet conventions.

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