Portolano del golfo di Trieste

Portolano del golfo di Trieste Portolano del golfo di Trieste

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Author: Piero Tassinari
ISBN: 88-88281-00-2
Pages and price: 128 pp. - € 14,50
Out in: May 2001
Section: See / Guidebooks

The book
This is a guide to the Gulf of Trieste, including a description of the coastline, sounding lines, a list of signals, information concerning ports and landings, etc. Not only this book a useful tool for sailing and yachting, it also includes a detailed and at times amusing account of the events that have gradually shaped this place as we see it today. The northermost gulf in the Adriatic Sea is revealed to us in its intrinsic beauty as seen from the privileged perspective offered by the sea: from the saltpalns at Sicciole to Grado sandbanks; from Istrian masegno to the characteristic stone of Aurisina. Among the merits of this book, it is particularly worth of mention the graphic design, as well as the drawings by Enrico Rizzardi and the photo of the cover by Franco Pace.

The author
Piero Tassinari was born and lives in Trieste. He has earned his first degree in philosophy and holds a PhD in classics. In this field he has published several studies and translations on the history of Greek science during classical and Byzantine periods. Piero has first stepped on a sailboat at he age of seven and has been sailing since. At present he publishes articles and photos as a freelance on nautical magazines. His current research interests include the history of navigation methods and tools. As a teacher, he is the co-ordinator of a project for middle school students focusing on the history of maritime traditions.

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