Ciceria e Monte Maggiore

Ciceria e Monte Maggiore Ciceria e Monte Maggiore
L'Istria Bianca dalla Carsia al Quarnero
Itinerari, Natura e Storia tra i Monti della Vena e i Monti Caldiera (Čičarija, Ćićarija e Učka)

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Ciceria e Monte Maggiore
The White Istria from Carsia to Quarnero - Itineraries, Nature and History between the Vena Moutains and the Caldiera Moutains (Čičarija, Ćićarija e Učka)

Author: Ettore Tomasi
Series: Andar de Bora (by Alessandro Ambrosi)
ISBN: 978-88-88281-14-8
328 pages - 27,00 €
Issue: february 2012
Section: Karst / Guides

The book
The ”White Istria”: from the remote, quiet and pristine Cìci plateau to the Učka, “Istria's roof” high above the Kvarner/Quarnaro Gulf.
Itineraries, nature and history in the ”mountain Istria”: from Monte Carso/Vrh Griže looming above the Val Rosandra/Glinšcica to Monte Maggiore/Ucka overlooking Rijeka/Fiume, here's for the very first time a brand new and very detailed hiking guide, with over 50 itineraries, 10 mountain access trails and as many crossing trails, 40 trail maps, 30 drawings and photographs, over 750 color pictures.

Italian/Slovenian Carso/Kras:
the paths leading to Monte Carso/Mali Kras, “La Valle”, Hrpelje, Beka, Ocizla, Osp…

Slovenian Čičarija:
the Slavnik: Monte Taiano, climbings in Črni Kal, Hrastovlje's Dance of Death, lonely passes through Movraska Vala…

Croatian Ćićarija:
the Vena Mountains, the mysterious Cástua Forest, Hum: “the smallest town in the world”, Mirna: the Quieto River, the long Caldiera Moutains crossing, Vela Draga, the “Valley of Wonders” or so-called Istrian Cappadocia, the Vojak, one of the most beautiful European landscapes, Učka's Park and the stunning flora of “Montemagiòr”, “Valle Medea” and “Valle delle Fate”, Monte Sisol, the legendary “Franz Josef” and “Carmen Sylva” walks along the fine Liburnian coast…
Between Ciceria and Monte Maggiore: wild and lonely peaks, mountains overlooking the sea.

The author
Ettore Tomasi is a mountaineer, naturalist and publishing consultant. Since 1958 he's been hiking, climbing mountains and dedicating himself to naturalistic research. He has published a great number of articles, hiking guides and scientific works, gaining a deep knowledge of mountain groups and natural environments all over Europe. He's collaborating with the Università degli Studi di Trieste (Department of Botany) as well as with the Museo di Storia Naturale di Trieste, researching into cecidology within Friuli- Venezia Giulia.

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