Carso Triestino 1:25 000

carta carso triestino Carso Triestino 1:25 000
Carta topografica per escursionisti con indice dei nomi

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Trieste's Karst 1:25 000
Topographic map for excursionists
With index of names and GPS UTM/WGS84 coordinates

Author: Carlo Tinone (in cooperation with Claudio Oretti)
Series: Le Cartine (by Alessandro Ambrosi), n. 01
Cartographic realization: Lagiralpina / Fagagna (Ud)
ISBN 88-88281-07-X
€ 7,00
Issue: October 2004
Section: Cartography

The map
Best seller! The first edition sold out after three months. Now the second up-to-date edition of the most detailed topographic-touristic map of Karst is ready. With binding, three languages (Italian, Slovenian and English) legend, attached book with the index of the names in the map. Trieste's and a big part Slovenia's Karst, with all CAI paths (new numeration included) and the other main tracing for excursionist, bike routes and not-asphalted ones for mountain-bikes, dolinas, horizontal easy-accessible-caves and vertical ones, accessible only with guide, woods, naturalistic and enogastronomical sites, prehistorical ruins, churches, war-cemetery, climbing rock-faces, bivouacs and huts... and there's something new: the GPSDatum WGS84 coordinates. The most complete and up-to-date landmap (and also road map) of Trieste and its territory currently on sale.

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