Carso Triestino, Goriziano e Sloveno 1:25 000

Andar per trincee Carso Triestino, Goriziano e Sloveno 1:25 000
Carta Topografica per Escursionisti
Con Indice dei Nomi, dei Sentieri e degli Itinerari

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Trieste, Gorizia and Slovenian Karst 1:25 000
Topographic Hiking Map
With Index of Names, Trails and Itineraries

Authors: Alessandro Ambrosi - Claudio Oretti
Series: "Le Cartine"
Number: 02
Edited by Alessandro Ambrosi
Map-making: LaGiralpina
ISBN: 978-88-88281-05-6
Price: € 15 euro (VAT included)
Issue: January 2013
Section: Karst / Cartography

The map
A very detailed map of the Carso region (including the areas around Trieste, Gorizia and the Slovenian sector) on a scale of 1:25 000, useful for hikers and tourists, showing itineraries and trails, rich in information and symbols. Front-back map-making (map size 124x85 cm). With GPS WGS84 coordinates. Booklet enclosed (64 pages) with an index of all Italian and Slovenian names printed on the map.
Outline of the CAI trails and all other hiking trails, of the itineraries following World War I routes, biking and mtb trails, jogging trails, horse trails, food-and-wine as well as tourist itineraries.
With legends in four languages: Italian, Slovenian, English and German.
First edition 2013-2014.

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