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Trail Running sul Carso Triestino e Sloveno
Percorsi, Circuiti, Itinerari

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Carso di Corsa
Trail Running on Trieste’s and Slovenia’s Karst
Routes, Trails, Itineraries

Authors: Fabio Fabris - Mauro Santoni
Series: Andar de Bora (edited by Alessandro Ambrosi)
ISBN 978-88-88281-11-7
Pages: 136 Price: 18.00
Issue: September 2008

The book
Through the valley of the Rosandra Creek... and beyond.
Basovizza and its surroundings, the Igouza Forest, Mount Concusso – perfect uphill training.
Along the Napoleonica while landscape zapping and across the woods of Santa Croce eyeing its terrace by the sea. A tour of the “Hermada Fortress” and the ”Alta Via del Carso”, legendary ride on Cai track n. 3, from Pesek to Jamiano.
An east-west, border hopping Karst-crossing: always running, of course!
Let’s run to have fun and to enjoy the nature with trail-running.
Routes, trails, itineraries (maps and altimeter data) described and told for the first time by two keen runners in a handy, zippy guide, full of color pictures, revealing the “Carso di corsa”.

The authors
Fabio "Alce" Fabris, lives and works in Trieste. A mountain enthusiast, he’s always been practising outdoor activities which bring him close to this environment, mainly mountain running and mountain biking. He’s published excursion guides and collaborates as itinerarist with specialized magazines. Member of Cai-Cim-Sag Trieste since 1998, he has an active in organizing long distance competitions in nature. He’s taken part in “running expeditions” through Tibet, Nepal, Morocco, Mexico, Costa Rica and India, with the intention of covering old trekking routes and pilgrim routes on the run. His original idea of setting up itineraries catering for runners is best shown in this guide .

Mauro "Geko" Santoni, born in Trieste, is a freelance journalist. After starting as an amateur soccer player, he ends up becoming a runner. He gets to know tracks and roads, testing his tendons with marathons and later discovering the Karst paths (Circolo Lloyd Adriatico, G.S. Valrosandra, Cai-Cim-Sag). He’s taken part in international running expeditions in order to explore the mountains of Nepal, India, Costa Rica, Bosnia and Montenegro.
An active promoter of sports voluntarism (Acli, C.S.I.), he is an instructor as well as a referee (F.I.G. Handball). From 1990 onward he counts as one of the reliable voices in local sports journalism, working in radio ("Trieste Radio Express", "Nuova Radio Sound", "Radioattività", ""), television ("Telequattro") and with the press ("Il Piccolo", "Corriere dello Sport-Stadio", "TriesteSport", "CitySport").

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