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Going Along Trenches
on the Karst of the First World War

Author: Lucio Fabi
Series: "Andar de Bora" (by Alessandro Ambrosi)
ISBN 978-88-88281-15-5
160 pages - € 16,00
14,5 x 21 cm
Issue: April 2014
Section: Karst / Guides

The book
Going along trenches one hundred years after. Retracing the sites of that war distant in time yet present in the territory and in the memories of visitors coming from all over Europe and further afar, who keep on coming back to that Carso, Kras, Karst which was theatre of World War I. Coming back to the single sites: Redipuglia, Dolina dei Bersaglieri, Sei Busi, San Martino, San Michele, Brestovec, Trincea delle Frasche, Doberdò, Vallone, Quote di Guerra, Nad Logem, Kremenjak, Italian and Austro-Hungarian war cemeteries from Doberdò to Štanjel, Cerje, Komenski Kras, Temnica, war caves and caverns, Monfalcone, Quota Toti, armed beaches from Punta Sdobba to Grado. Along with stories told by well known and less known protagonists: Tirel, Ungaretti, Schalek, Oreffice, Bussi, Piccolini, Liebman Modiano, Weber.
Going Along Trenches on Karst of the First World War is a handy guide, all in colour, covering easy and updated war routes (with maps, historical notes and practical touring descriptions), based on sustainable tourism, in order to rediscover the remains of the First World War trenches on the Karst.

The author
Historian and museum consultant, has published various books on the social and ichonographical aspects of the First World War, in particular Gente di trincea (Mursia 1994), La prima guerra mondiale (Editori Riuniti 1998) and Il bravo soldato mulo (Mursia 2012).
He is active in mounting exhibitions in Italy and abroad and collaborated to design various World War I museums in Trentino, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. He is a member of the Interdepartmental Scientific Committee for the commemoration of the “First World War Centenary”. He coauthored with Roberto Todero Going Along Trenches on Trieste's Gorizia's and Slovenia's Karst (Transalpina Editrice 2004).

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